Bringing Daniel Home

10 02 2012

I have devoted a lot of time to talking about cheese.  However for the next year this blog will be all about bringing home a new child from China.  When my wife and I startedtalking about having another child we decided that we wanted to adopt.  We have a beutiful 11 year old daughter and we wanted to give a home to a child that was with out a home.  We came across a handsome young boy in Kashgar, China named Dongdong, Daniel will be his American name. and his picture spoke to us.  At this point in the process we are any where from 6-8 months away from bringing him home.

Adoption is expensive.  The total cost will end up costing us close to $30,000. We have been very blessed in our careers but coming up with that amount of money in a few months seems unattainable.  We will be setting up awebsite detailing the process and our trip to China.  You can expect to see some great food post here on the site.

We will be setting up a Paypal account to allow our friends to make donations and be part of this experience.  Until then if you would like to make a donation you can send it to

Tim Gaddis
3648 Longfellow Trail
Marietta, GA 30062

I look forward to posting more about this and keeping you all posted on the progress. Thank you for your support and my God bless you everyday

Tim Gaddis




One response

10 02 2012
jennifer perkins

Congratulations! My sister who now lives in South Korea has adopted two girls from China. I went with her on her first trip over to pick up her oldest daughter. It was an exciting and wonderful time (and you’re right, expensive) and her daughters are both happy, healthy amazing kids. Good luck on the long journey you have embarked on
and can’t wait to hear more and see pics! Congrats again, jen.

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